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We Pump Flowable Fills and Controlled Low Strength Materials

Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) are highly viscous slurries that contain cement, fly ash and admixtures that help flowability and pumpability.

Great for trench fill, CLSM provide a consistency that is 100% compacted after set time, unshrinkable, and consolidate around pipes and utilities.

With the ability to control the density and strength of the CLSM by adjusting the mix design, optimal p.s.i., as per job requirement can be achieved. Material strengths from 50psi up to 1200psi are defined as CLSM. Anything above 1200psi is defined as a grout or concrete. – ACI

Flowable Fill Pumping
Flowable Fill Pumping

Pumping at Pioneer Square Courthouse
Pumping at Pioneer Square Courthouse

Job Location: Portland, Oregon Pioneer Square Courthouse
Underground Utilities using CDF (Controlled Density Fill) for Pipe Abandonment

Jobsite Photos

Thank You Kate for the Photos!

A  recent concrete pump job we visited in SE Portland was luckily the home to a couple of professional photographers.  The colors and detail are vivid and truly spectacular (up to 4,000 x 6,000 resolution, large file downloads).

AAA Concrete Pumping has Expanded into Concrete Deliveries

Need Concrete in the Portland Metro? Dispatch (971) 219-8604 visit

Introducing the newest addition to the fleet.  This 2018 Kenworth has a custom mounted Roadmaster Volumetric Mixer capable of hauling up to 10 Cubic Yards of mixed on-demand concrete.

The Kenworth was built in Washington State and the Roadmaster was custom built in Portland, Oregon.  The entire system is wireless, and thus allows the operator to perform more duties safely and efficiently than ever before in this industry.

Volume Concrete LLC., uses only American Made Portland Cement, produced locally in Durkee, Oregon by Ash Grove Cement.

Our capabilities include Hot Water, Air Entrainment from BASF® and the highest quality river rock.  We insist on these high standards to ensure the concrete is “pump friendly”, easy to trowel and ultimately the utmost durable product.

Loading sand, cement, and river rock along with hot water into the Roadmaster
Loading sand, cement, and river rock along with hot water into the Roadmaster

Offloading New Putzmeister TK40 Concrete Line Pump fresh from Wisconsin

Putzmeister Concrete Pumps have been engineered since 1958. With production distributed worldwide, our (AAACP) units are custom built in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. With production divisions such radio, hydraulic, electrical, shotcrete technology and other notable divisions such as Engineering located within Overnight Shipping distance makes Putzmeister an ideal supplier for AAA Concrete Pumping LLC.,.

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Vancouver Washington Concrete Pumping & Shotcrete

Need to hire a concrete line pump in the Greater Vancouver, Washington area?  No Problem.

Call Chad Standley (971) 219-5358 to schedule one of the six machines that operate daily in the greater Vancouver, Washington and surrounding Clark County.