Privacy Policy

AAA Concrete Pumping LLC,.

is soley used as a means to convey our services and at NO time will this website collect any financial information or store any personal information. All data is contained on the cloud using Google services located in a local server farm in Dalles, Oregon. A closer digital footprint allows for faster upload times for our customers, a secure connection that is beyond 99.99%, and it scales upon traffic demand. Analytics are captured, anonymously, to determine keywords and geographical locations that are trending here locally in the Portland Metro. Any tools or apps used here are third party, thus not warranted, use at your own risk.

Concrete Delivery inside the curb-line is the responsibility of the contractor, homeowner, responsible acting party or such. Volume Concrete LLC., doesn’t assume liability once the truck and operator leave the public domain. Please ensure the surface for the vehicle is safe and capable of supporting 40+ imperial tons.

CALCULATORS: The calculators are third party apps, offer only an accuracy as accurate as the input measurements.  The calculators are not warranted, and are only a good backup to good old-school measurements and calculations using paper and pencil.  Concrete ordering is an important step in every project, and under or over-ordering can be a costly mistake not easily passed on.  Please ensure you add extra (10-15% is a industry standard for small projects).

It is recommended to take accurate measurements in feet and inches, writing down every measurement alongside a simple diagram of the project.  Thus making a double check easy for both the original person and dispatch.  *Estimation purposes only.  Concrete when wet is very heavy, and has a tendency to push on weak forms.   Add 10-15% to ensure proper coverage.

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